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I has an itinerary!


Mar 27 Flight 1322 Depart Seattle (SEA) at 9:40 AM
Arrive in Reno (RNO) at 11:15 AM
Change planes in Reno (RNO) departing at 12:50 PM
Flight 453 Arrive in Las Vegas (LAS) at 2:05 PM


Mar 29 Flight 2846 Depart Las Vegas (LAS) at 1:25 PM
Arrive in Salt Lake City (SLC) at 3:45 PM
Change planes in Salt Lake City (SLC) departing at 4:50 PM
Flight 3204 Arrive in Seattle (SEA) at 5:55 PM

almost my last post prior to flying out

Well girls, this is my last opportunity to ask for comments, advice, suggestions etc etc as a soon-to-be visitor to the United States.

What would you tell someone coming for a visit?

What should I do, eat, see, drink etc etc? Is there a classic American dish that I should try. Is there something I should not, under any circumstances say? Is it really considered rude to say the word 'toilet'?

all those sort of helpful things, useless but interesting things, tips to a friend about to embark on her journey of a lifetime!

speak now or prepare me to blame you later! (I probably will anyway).

BTW - I'll probably post sometime next week with all the actual details. I am so looking forward to meeting you both and am so incredibly blessed to have this opportunity. I'm so lucky. I cannot wait to hug you both.

this time next month



This time next month I will be sitting in the departure lounge, waiting for my aeroplane and possibly sipping an G & T.


*grins some more*

Help - education needed!

So explain to me this tipping thing? We don't really tip here, except at expensive restaurants. And I've been told I have to tip everyone.


Like do I tip a taxi driver after I've paid my fare? Who/when don't I tip?

I have a scary feeling I'm going to be a walking social faux pas!

Ask and you shall receive.....

well ladies - now is the time if you want to put in a request for anything from Australia. Seriously, if you want it - ask.

I can tell you now, loading up my suitcase is a very good option compared to the extortionate prices of mailing pressies to you.

Feel free - if the expenses are looking good before I go, I will go shopping for you. If not, I won't. But you may as well ask.

and yes - I will bring Tim Tams anyway.

Deb - can you ask AG if there is anything she'd like?

This is where we are staying......


thought you might be interested. It looks like an awesome suite. I've never stayed anywhere like that before. I'm trying to wangle an upgrade - but even without it looks like more luxury than I'd imagined possible!!!

I am ludicrously excited.

8 weeks for me!
9 weeks for you two!!


Howdi girls.

I've just confirmed - my Mum will be leaving about 1.30 on the 27th. So I am totally available and yours from then until whatever time I have to leave on the 29th to make my 3pm flight outta Vegas.

Heidi are you flying or driving?

Deb' let me know when you're getting in - maybe I can hitch a ride to the airport with my Mum and meet you there.


11 weeks (Kate-time). 12 weeks (Heidi and Deb time)

You have exactly 10 weeks to put in requests for anything you want me to bring with you. Yes, I am aware that Tim Tams are an accepted form of international currency.

The Year of Vegas has begun

And there was Much Rejoicing.

the capture of happyness!

Is inordinately happy


Plus - I love that I look at this community and there are different things (like the 'likes' on the Info Page and I know that you lovelies have added to it.